Norish Kareem Couture has been founded with a clear objective: to offer modern dress/abaya that can be complemented by the hijab.  The collection integrates high quality fabrics with an international standard designer touch whilst nurturing a vibrant and inclusive Muslim community.

We believe that as a Muslim woman, you have the right to be acknowledged. Shopping for clothes should leave you feeling happy, enhancing your confidence and reinforcing your commitment to the faith.

Clients are our priority and our collection is tailor-made with the help of a dedicated and efficient design team working alongside professional crafts people from around the world. We love producing clothing that enhances the individual; gives her, or him, a sense of well-being, confidence and style.

We know that wearing the hijab in the west isn’t always easy; which is why we’re also here to help! Our collection is not open only to Muslim women but to all fashion lovers around the world.  Our collection is modest, stylish, unique and refined. Our main focus is to distribute our collection to the world, allowing our customers to enjoy the modesty styleand to fulfil their own confidence in this twenty-first century.

Norish Kareem Couture also produces modern, fashionable clothes for both men and women. We style a range of menswear products such as long and short sleeve shirts.  Our modern womenswear collection includes both short and long dress styles, capes, abayas and shawls.

Accessories and jewellery provide a vital complement to our collections. We have collaborated with designers in France and Italy to offer you a stunning array of options to enhance the modern, yet modest, look of Norish Kareem Couture.


pic founder NKC

My name is Norish Kareem and with passion and pride I have developed the Norish Kareem Couture collection.

I am from Malaysia and have lived in London since 2012. I graduated from Cardiff University, United Kingdom in 2013 with an MBA and am currently a Ph.D student at Kingston University, London.

I am a member of the Institute of Consulting in London and have a professional certificate of Business Consulting from the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

I have always been passionate for good design and fashion. My background in business and management allows me to bring NKC to market to share my love of clothes that allow others to feel confident and in control. As a committed Muslim woman, I want to allow others to be able to dress with style and modesty, elegance and élan.